engagement ring

Time stood still, your heart went into a flutter and it was your moment! Yes, that’s right, YES!!!

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting and nerve wracking things in life’s experiences. in popping the question, key concerns are will the proposal go right, will the romantic plan put in place come off, will my partner say YES?

Engagements are usually followed by a  flurry of excited phone calls to all the special people in your life. Cloud 9 is your new abode.

As the dust settles, soon it will become time to begin your wedding planning. It’s hard to believe but these days, heaps of couples are planning their wedding anything from four months to 2 years in advance.

If you’re a little confused on what to do next, here is a list of eleven things to do right now after you’ve got engaged. First thing, insure that rock pronto!

We’d love to help you celebrate with an engagement portrait too, photos to celebrate this moment in your life become so precious.