Country wedding in Boonah by wedding photographer John Reyment

Dreaming of a sunny wedding day?

Wow, what a bleak weekend it was in Brisbane. A perfect weekend to ignore housework chores, stay in bed, curl up and watch a few movies. Being a wedding photographer, you have to go with whatever the weather brings. Cloudy days and wet days offer different photo opportunities to sunny days. The light is soft and delicate making images more flattering. Umbrellas become a prop to use. Having said that, most brides will always wish for a fine day for their wedding, this morning, I’m remembering the sunny wedding day that Lee and Joe had for their wedding day, it was magnificent.

Lee and Joe’s wedding was at her parent’s farm out near Boonah Queensland, this sun drenched image was taken on the property down near the creek, to this day, it remains one of my favourites.

Happy Monday everyone, keep dry, sunny wedding days are coming soon.