Yesterday we had the pleasure of photographing two of the most powerful performance cars ever made in Australia. Yes, we are talking about the new HSV Clubsport R8 with the new LS3 engine in it and the just released FG FPV GTP (lots of letters which means the latest GT Falcon). This is the first time I had seen the new GT in the flesh, certainly looks more distinctive than the old one. The interior is quite classy as well. The Clubsport R8 looked fantastic as well with its new style 20 inch wheels looking dramatic.
Why were we photographing these cars? Well the Mater Foundation Cars for Cancer” lottery is on again, this time the Mater Foundation is offering the winner the choice of vehicle so it is a real “head to head” grudge match.
If I won, I would take the HSV but I am a lifetime Holden supporter!
Being such a wonderful cause, we are delighted to donate our time and the images to the Mater Foundation and “Cars for Cancer“.
Tickets are available on line here, all of us at Reyment Photographics encourage you to get behind this wonderful cause.