A large heavy box was jammed at the back of the wardrobe, the light film of dust on top of it revealing it had not been moved in many years.  Wiggling it free from its resting place, I wondered what was hidden inside.  As I lifted the lid carefully, I found what I had deposited in it all those years ago… my first wedding display album I used to showcase my work way back in the mid 1990’s.

Moments shared with couples came flooding back as I flicked through the pages.  A smile lit my face when I saw an image of my sister-in-law on her wedding day in the album.  Julie was a beautiful bride, her wedding was memorable, I remember taking the photo in front of me.  The album was made from material totaly different to what we use today, one option  people were able to select back then was a gold foil embossing around each image.  Styles are different today.

Finding this album made me all sentimental, I remembered the pride I had showing it to prospective clients, I had started on my journey as a wedding photographer.

Do you have a photo album in a cupboard that you have not looked at in many years?  Go and find it, turn the pages carefully and remember the moments, if possible, ring the person in the photo and tell them what you have found.  Photos take us back to those times in a second.  Touching an old album is wonderful; there are no obsolete technology problems to navigate, just images to enjoy.