children's portrait photographer

Life is about the journey.

Do you remember being a kid with not a care in the world, every day an opportunity to play, explore, learn, have fun?

Life can get a bit too serious at times with all the stresses and strains of our 21st century world. Our children can teach us that life is about the journey, the ordinary yet precious moments we share every day.

This image is from a family portrait for Narissa and Mark. I photographed their wedding years ago and each of their three children at about ten days old. This is Eli and Sissy heading off to explore the paddock over their back fence. It reminds me of when I used to explore a local park when I was a kid.

So this week, why not grab a moment for you and the one you love. Go for a stroll together, just the two of you. Leave the phones at home, just take time to enjoy a moment in “your journey”.

Eli and Sissy showing us life is about the journey is today’s “Photo of the Day”.