Photographs are important because…

OK, I’ll start. “I believe photographs are important because “they connect you to feelings you have for others, moments you have shared and hopes for the future”.

The image above is a perfect example of this. I lived with my family in Europe throughout 2009; this image was taken in the kitchen of the La Mirande Hotel, Avignon, France. La Mirande offers a fabulous cooking school in their 19th century underground kitchen followed by a dinner at the kitchen table for about 20 people. During dinner, my son Alex is sharing stories of his year away with us, some of his adventures, challenges and thoughts. Witnessing Alex speak so confidently to people from all over the world about his experience with us was a defining moment for me as a parent. When asked what was a highlight of the year, Alex replied “Spending more time with Dad.”

Every time I see this image and others in the series, I have difficulty holding back my tears. We have images from this series in a beautiful album which we look at all the time. Are photographs important, you bet!

Tell us your thoughts on why photographs are important. We welcome your comments.