engagement portrait on boardwalk near GOMA by John Reyment

Today, Clive Palmer has been talking about love, I reckon he might just be onto something. He’s unveiled plans for Titanic 2 in New York. The story of the original Titanic has certainly captured the imagination of millions over the years. I remember as a kid being enthralled by the story and the tragedy. And how can one forget the hit movie Titanic.

Recalling a bygone era where men were chivalrous and there seemed more love in the world, Clive Palmer has reflected that “certainly all of us in this age we live in could want to take a little bit of time to spend with our partners”.

So, when was the last time you took some time off on a weekday afternoon for a date with the one you love?

Adrien and Serena did exactly that. My camera and I spent some time with Adrien and Serena around the GOMA precinct. I love this image. When the shoot was all done, they went out to dinner at a local restaurant at Southbank.

We’re getting the images ready for them to view in our gallery and Lounge soon. Looking at the images from their portrait, I can’t wait to photograph their wedding later this year.

So tonight, go home and spend some time with the one you love. Give them a kiss, a cuddle and listen. Happy days!