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As a wedding photographer, I always arrive at the time my clients expect…but what goes into getting me there on the day? Football players have set routines on match day, do wedding photographers have rituals they follow on a wedding day?

A wedding day is such an important moment in a couple’s lives together, it is something I treat with great responsibility and pride to be involved. Someone asked me recently what I do to get ready on a wedding day… hence this post on my own preparation routine.

It all starts in the weeks before, I have met with my couple to finalise the itinerary of their wedding day. I have a timetable to follow, it tells me where I need to be at what time. I work on worst case scenario times, always allowing a few extra minutes for things throughout the day so that we are never late.

The day or evening before the wedding, I pack my gear into my bag, every piece of equipment has its own spot in my bag. I clear my compact flash cards and run through my checklist; lenses, cameras, cards, new batteries, battery charger, client file, timetable, family list, contact details, I make sure all is present and correct. In my boot, I have a tripod, spare gear, street directory, umbrellas, first aid kit and a wedding day emergency kit and water.

On most wedding days, I am up by 6.30am; time to relax with a few coffees, a read of the paper and time to get in “the zone”. I love this time, many years ago when I first started photographing weddings, I would be nervous and anxious about what was ahead. As I became more experienced, I found these nerves were replaced by excitement and thoughts about ideas for images for the day ahead.

My wedding day ritual is not to do any chores or jobs on a wedding day morning. No, I don’t have lucky undies or red hanky like Steve Waugh always carried, I just cook my famous wedding day breakfast frittarta. This has to get me through the twelve hour day ahead as wedding photographers just don’t get the opportunity to have a rest or a lunch break. My frittata ingredients typically include an onion, bacon or chorizo, a potato, oregano, 3-4 eggs, cheese and chives as garnish.

Final prep includes ironing a shirt (I’m the only one in our house who irons), polishing my boots and packing the boot with the gear.

And at the appointed time, I drive off, my destination the groom’s place of prep. A knock on the door and I am there, intros to the guys in the bridal party and all is underway….

If you are a wedding photographer, do you have any wedding day rituals or traditions? I look forward to your comments…