Dolomites, Italy by Brisbane photographer, John Reyment

How long has it been since we published “Photo of the Day”?  A quick search on this blog reveals our sins, we last posted in October 2011. Thank you to those who emailed me asking what happened to “Photo of the Day”, excuses of being too busy and the like are clearly not good enough. I promise to do better in the months ahead.

Have you ever felt like “it is all ahead of you”, “there is just a mountain of too much stuff to do” as you set out to achieve your goals? I’ve always found that projects take longer than you first imagine. A wise manager I worked with many years ago shared with me “It is best to be patient and enjoy the journey as the journey is just important as the destination”.

So take a moment to enjoy your journey, “When I grow up, I want to be a Mountain” is today’s “Photo of the Day”.