This post started as an idea to photograph me wearing thongs and asking the question Why on a workday, am I wearing shorts and thongs to the studio?

Small problem. I aimed my camera down at my feet and didn’t like what I saw. Was it my feet, the wide-angle looking straight down, my thongs or all of the above?

No matter, here is a photo of my thongs in the studio, there is simply no way I am going to post a photo of my shorts, lilly white legs, feet and thongs on this blog.


So the original question remains, why am I wearing throngs to work today? Answer, I’m off to the Goldie this afternoon to photograph Kate in her wedding dress, again. I photographed Kate and Michael’s Brisbane city wedding last August. Followers of my blog will remember Kate and Michael as the couple who went to the Ekka for some of their wedding photos.

sunny skies in Brisbane

After all the rain in Brisbane lately, it’s hard to believe the sky is blue and it is sunny!!!

We’ll be enjoying the sun, sand and water. Kate’s really excited for the opportunity to put on her wedding dress again. Is today’s session going to be what’s commonly referred to as a “Trash the Dress” shoot? No, not really, sure we’ll get sandy, windblown and a little drenched, I like to think of it as an “Encore” photoshoot where we have the time, location and opportunity to do things simply not possible on a wedding day.