One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is that you get to witness so many special moments in people’s lives. Every couple has a story, hope and dreams. We’ve been reflecting on some of the weddings we’ve photographed and some moments stand out. Here are ten top wedding day moments. Enjoy!

Sirromet wedding

I reckon this image is just priceless. I am always photograph the parents with the bride and groom, usually full length, looking at the camera, a nice traditional shot parents always love. Now Katrice and Nathan’s parents are heaps of fun, so I asked them to cuddle each other. So they did, and then Nathan did “that crazy something” that set everyone off. The crowd roared, it was absolutely hilarious! Everyone’s face tells a story, what caption would you put on this image?

Bridget & Michael

Sirromet wedding

Bridget and Michael’s wedding  was a very elegant affair, a beautiful ceremony in New Farm followed by their wedding  reception at Sirromet.

Photographing bridal parties always offers unique moments, I love this one of Bridget and her bridesmaids cracking up amongst the vines at Sirromet. My photography style is pretty candid, especially so during the bridal party photo shoot.

This image has quickly become iconic, Sirromet love it too using it to headline their “Walk down a different aisle”promotions.

Sanja & Rob

Macedonian wedding traditions

Sanja was hidden away for what seemed like ages. Meanwhile Rob was enjoying food, drink, music and laughter. This is one of the traditions of a Macedonian wedding. The groom and his party after welcoming refreshment must “buy” the bride. When an acceptable price has been paid, the door to where the bride is hiding opens and all is revealed.

This image is just after the door was opened, Sanja and her attendants are about to emerge. Sanja & Rob’s wedding was a real all day celebration with heaps of dancing, food, wine and fun for all.

Irma & Siggy

Bundaleer Rainforest Resort wedding

Irma and Siggy are just gorgeous and heaps of fun. This image was captured in the paddock opposite Bundaleer Rainforest Resort where they had their wedding ceremony and reception.

There are so many emotions on display at a wedding, happy teary moments, nervous excited moments, tender, loving moments to name just a few. There is also nothing better then a good laugh, especially on a wedding day!

Bride in forest

A moment of contemplation. Those who have experienced a wedding day almost universally remark that it just goes so fast. My wedding day went way too fast too, I felt like we had only just arrived at our reception and it was time to leave.

Lee and Joe were married on her parents property at Boonah. This contemplative image is down by the creek on their property. I ’m sure when Lee was a little girl she would have played on these very banks. It was so special to photograph Lee in a place where she grew up.

Stacey & Daniel

candid wedding moments

Wedding ceremonies can be very emotional events. Laughter, tears (happy ones) and everything in between are on display. People sometimes fear having an ugly cry during the ceremony. Waterproof mascara is an absolute necessity. I cried at my wedding pretty much through the whole ceremony. Both Karen and I struggled to get our vows out through the tears.

And sometimes the tears happen after the wedding ceremony. Stace and Dan have just been announced at the end of the ceremony and they have paraded past their guests and are about to receive lots of hugs and kisses from everyone.

I love this image of Dan comforting Stace, be careful of the makeup mate, (dab, don’t wipe). It is a symbolic image for me, being there to support each other in good times and also when things are not so bright, this is what a wonderful life together is about.

Lee & Joe (again)

Yes another image from Lee and Joe’s wedding, this time of the grandparents.

As we start our married lives with hopes and dreams, promises to love and live, celebrating the years we are married is so important. I absolutely love this image. When I first saw it, I did a blog post saying when I get to this age, I want to be this happy. This image still affects me in the same way, it makes me smile inside.

Photos do that.

 Kate & Michael

Sideshow alley, Brisbane Ekka

 Question: Where do you go for your wedding photos if your wedding is on the last day of the Brisbane EKKA?

Answer: To the EKKA of course.

When Kate and Michael and I were planning the locations for their wedding photos, the idea of going to the EKKA  came up. A bit of organising and all was sorted. On our way to the reception we would stop at the EKKA and visit side show alley.

What a blast it was, Kate and Michael and the bridal party wandered  through enjoying dagwood dogs, fairy floss and some rides. Michael even won a giant fluffy, white polar bear for shooting hoops.

I love this photo of everyone coming down the slide, what a hoot. No you can’t see Kate in the photo, she is standing beside me laughing as I take this photo, her wedding dress could have been a big problem coming down the slide!

Jana & Michael 

The Long Apron, Spicers Clovelly Estate, Montville

Wedding receptions are celebrations for all. Lots of planning goes into making it a night to remember, a beautiful venue, awesome food (Jana and Michael had chosen The Long Apron at Spicers Clovelly Estate so a stunning menu was a given) promise good times with guests.

Have you ever made a speech at a wedding?

Some people get really nervous, planning meticulously to make sure of a perfect delivery. Some people just speak off the cuff and from the heart. In any event, the sentiment is precious and thoughts treasured. Funny moments often arise too, I absolutely love this moment during the speeches, cheers to that!

Jodie & Peter

Hoedown, dancing at country wedding reception

Torrential rain and damaging winds cleared on the morning of Jodie and Peter’s wedding just in time for the perfect country wedding in her parent’s farm on the Sunshine Coast.

Their wedding reception was under a huge marquee, long tables, shared platters, a dance floor ready for the hoedown.

I’m not much of a dancer (sadly my left foot can’t dance with my right foot let alone any body else) but I watch in awe those who can dance. After the speeches were complete and the cake was cut, it was time for the hoedown to start.

This image of Peter & Jodie having a ball during their first dance is a favourite. Their dancing really set the standard and before long the dance floor was packed.

And so there you have it, ten top wedding moments. Of course every wedding is full of precious, memorable moments. I love capturing them with my camera so they can be shared, talked about, enjoyed. It’s been fabulous taking the time to look back at some of our weddings. When I get time, I must do it some more and find more moments to share, watch this space!